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Bird View

The Blue Mountains provides sanctuary for 95% of Jamaica”s endemic birds. Starlight Chalet is serene, and we are surrounded by a mature rain forest and at an elevation of 4000 ft., panoramic view. 17 comfortable rooms with private bath, guided tours and transportation available. Reasonable rates, include breakfast, trail lunch and dinner.


Black-billed (or Eastern) Streamertail (Trochilus polytmus scitulus)
Habits: Feeding habits are similar to red-billed Streamertail.
Habitat: Only found in the humid eastern section of Jamaica, from Port Antonio (particularly the San San area) east to Bowden on the southeast coast and in the John Crow Mountains, Cornpuss Gap and Bath. Rarely found with Red-billed Streamertails except where their ranges overlap.


Jamaican Elaenia (Myiopagis cotta)
Habits: Inconspicuous and difficult to locate. More often heard than seen. Picks  insects off leaves and twigs or catches them in mid-air. Also eats berries. Nest cup-shaped, well-hidden in bunches of seed pods or in Spanish Moss (Mar-Jun).
Habitat: Forest and bushy areas,  coffee fields, from lowlands to the mountains, paradise, Cockpit Country, Anchovy, Mandeville, Hardwar Gap and Mona Woods.

jamaican oriole

Jamaican Oriole (Icterus leucopteryx)
Habits: Nest (Mar-Aug)an open-work crocheted hanging nest of dried Tillandsia, grass stalks or even plastic threads, depending on material available. Feeds on insects which it extracts from pods and from under bark and in bromeliads by inserting closed beak and prising them open. Also eats fruit and flowers.
Habitat: Common in gardens and forests at all elevations.

Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo

Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo (Saurothera vetula)
Habits: Similar to chestnut-bellied Cuckoo but found lower in trees and shrubs. Often perches with head lower than feet. Nests in wet mountain areas: John Crow Mountains, Mandeville, as well as in the Cockpit Country. Nest a shallow saucer of criss-crossed twigs lined with leaves, placed in a tangle of branches, twigs and bromelaids. Feeds on lizards, caterpillars, locusts and nestlings of other birds.
Habitat: Widespread in wooded areas.

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